July 1, 2010: Tacheles Group Manifesto

July 1st, 2010  |  Published in Documents

A. The Tacheles group does not represent the Kunsthaus Tacheles as a whole, but is an association of users and projects on the Tacheles site and building.

B. The Tacheles group has three main objectives: 1. Preservation of the Tacheles for all artists, projects and users working on the site and in the building, 2. Peaceful de-escalation of disputes between different groups within the house, 3. Building a new democratic, participatory structure in the Kunsthaus Tacheles for all the artists, projects and groups working on the site and in the building.

C. When issuing public information on in-house disputes the Tacheles group will try to represent all positions within the Tacheles to provide a basis for de-escalation. A consensual, neutral historiography explaining the reasons for conflicts and opening a space for democratic debate of arguments is the goal.

D. The Tacheles group collects and disseminates information about political and economic conflicts around the Tacheles and its history as well as on the work of artists and projects on the Tacheles site/building and follows journalistic principles (such as neutrality, authorization of texts and interviews, openness for views of all groups).

E. The group Tacheles will build on an open, democratic platform for discussion of Tacheles issues and positions on www.tacheles.info. There will be no censorship.

Berlin. July 1, 2010.

Supporters: Kian Nawim, Janet Nitzsche, Olivier Putzbach, Johannes Abraham, Jesus Maria Parras, Ulrik Wagner, Heinz-Rudolf Reinemann, Jose Dominguez, The hybrid creatures, Marek Schowanek, Manfred Moorkamp, Enken Volkers, Pete Missing, Gerrit Haasler, Henrik Hansson, Richard Royse, Jaime Correa, Jenny Prinz, Bernd Lagemann, Jan Stelter, Juan Bucci, Uwe Gillert, Thorsten Schröder, Christian Bikadi, Uwe Kessler, Uwe Preuss, Tunji Tunji, Jenny Rosemeyer, Otto Glugar, Jenny Bühsing, Katrin Maßmann, Peter Multhaup, Kemal Cantürk, Ozgür Büyökaya, Mauro la Mula, Macha Trujillo, Michael Gärtner, Olli Jungnick, Stefan Schulz, Roman Terrent, Space Pfeffer, Aaron Brix, Fabian Brix, Kati Geissler, Hans Narva, Alexander Ernst, Javier Hernandez, Mex Schlüpfer, Ludwig Eben, Ewelina Wydra, Bianca Perndl, Anna Biedermann, Mohammed Razzak, Sabine Kremke, Hank Moell, Julia Hoffmann, Alex Bulgrin, Carsten Klepel, Rebbek Wehner, Rolf Völter, Paulo San Martin, Martin Stadler, Andreas Hartwich, Armin Mostoffi, Alexander Boese, Conny Boese, Birol Ünel, Boris Riedel, Cesar Aguirre, Christine Fleischer, Dany Scheffler, Robert Schwanghart, Eddi Egal, Markus Gehrke, Christian Fertmann, Dario Sendoya, Luise Dengel, Christian Hintz, Howi Williams, Guido Vargas, Jens Schubert, Vitali Cerni.

Group Tacheles is supported by following organisations and groups on the Tacheles site & building: Café Zapata, Studio 54, Cinema Highend 54, Maggies Farm, two of the galleries (Kalerie, Emma Goldmann Hotel), the hosts of the open space.

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