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Dec. 2010 | Metallwerkstatt | Trip One

Sly trip into the metal artists area @ Kunsthaus Tacheles.

March 2011 | Interview with Slovenian Art Squatter Jaka Berger

For two years now, artists in the small Slovenian town Novo Mesto (around 20000 inhabitants) are running an art squat with gallery, music and several studios. Jaka Berger gives a brief overview of history, problems and activities. More info:

March 2011 | Interview with Slovenian artist Uros Weinberger

Uros Weinberger is one of the most influential South-Eastern European artists, presenting dangerously beautiful, psychotically surreal visions of globalized reality on canvas. We conducted an interview with the Slovenian mastermind, post hiphop musician [Moveknowledgement] and painter @ Galerija Equrna in Ljubljana on March 3, 3011.


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